Getting organized…

As the days grow longer one realizes spring is on it”s way! If you ask somebody living in Northern Finland, they say Spring is here as soon the days grow longer. They do enjoy a little more snow & cold weather than we in the south do.. 😉
Once Christmas season is over I catch my breath, and the craft-teaching semester continues. And I realize it’s time to dig into everything that has been postponed for some while… Getting organized is not a problem in it self, I used to work as an interior designer and a major part of that job was of course organizing things, solving storage problems etc. It’s just the lack of time as I travel with work quite frequently, and hectic schedules with having to pack an unpack all the time…

Spring cleaning is here in other words, and I go through all my stash & leftovers, of course throwing out everything that’snot needed. Since I have no time for selling stuff at flea-markets (besides, since I travel with my products here and there to events-it would feel just like working..) I donated all unneccesary things to a good will flea market, where I shop once in a while too…

Color coded books

Color coded books

I have quite a few of books about art and crafting. I use them when teaching, so they travel around and don’t always end up where they’re supposed to at once, due to tight schedules with unpacking & packing.  I got fed up with them not staying organized according to subject, and it looked messy even if they did, so I decided to color-code my books. Easy! Next time I return a book to the shelf I just stick it where the right color is!  And it looks nicer! 😀

Haute Couture in the 1990's

Pink Lady: Haute Couture in the 1990’s

As I was going through stuff  I also bumped in to several pages of inspirational cut-outs from different fashion magazines, that I carefully organized in folders sometimes 15 years ago… Yes, I’m maybe not so neat on the surface, but my folders and closets are impeccable!  Messy storage drives me nuts… Some of the cut-outs are still useful – but I did get a laugh too and the biggest laugh got this Pink Lady, giant shoulders and with earrings that look like something you tie up your curtains with. 😀  It was “Haute Couture” in those days…  Some om my favorite pictures on the wall are actually cut outs from fashion magazines in the 90’s, but they’re more ethnic/vintage-styled  & timeless, some with a twist of humor if you look real close…

Such a stylish lady, but check out the fabric pattern on the hat! :D

Such a stylish lady, but check out the fabric pattern on the hat! 😀

Snowy (from Tintin) & & the little mole

Les Girls resting with Snowy (from Tintin) &  2 x the little mole, accompanied by Mickey & Flat Eric on the wall. Wall clock made from Disney’s “The Black Hole” soundtrack. It sounded better on the wall.

I’m some sort of a comic freak since I’ve always loved to read some specific comics & cartoons, and occasionally  I’ve been involved in drawing some too. Tintin is one of my favorites, and his dog Snowy aquired a honorary seat on my top shelf as well the two Little moles from the Checkoslovakian cartoon, and where “Les Girls” take a break from the hectic market seasons. I take no responsibility for the wall paper – it came with the house  and imagine how freaky – they matched the vintage lamp that I have since the 1970’s  (it’s a lot older though…)…  One day when I have nothing better to do I will paint the walls to something neutral. I’ve never been much of a wall paper fan…

Vintage lampshade accidentally matches wall paper in new house....

Vintage lampshade accidentally matches wall paper ….


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