A Midsummer Nights Dream….

..is what life in the archipelago is all about.. . Almost.
Of course it’s a lot of hard work, and since the peak season is in July, there’s not much time for rest for the local entrepreneurs that work day and night in order to get by during the slow season in January-may…
Never the less, when Finnish schools start, the cottage people withdraw back to the cities and visit us occasionally on weekends. Up ahead this saturday is the Night Of Ancient Bonfires, a kind of celebration to end the summer season.  Some close their cottages for the year and return next spring, others continue to visit once in a while.
This past summer was weather-wise  just awesome, warm soft days, occasional rain showers (no need to water the garden), and August has been just beautiful.  August and September are my favorite months-during weekdays is so quiet at sea, plenty of bird & mammal-life to take pictures of and the air is velvety soft -but not too hot.

Dark evenings call for sitting outside with cozy lanterns and watching the moon and the stars…

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