Where is Santa?

Jr. Office assistant on the outlook for Santa. I think he might have spotted something…

My name is Eva and I live and work in the Finnish archipelago of Pellinge. I call it Paradise… The very same area has been a great source of inspiration for many artists of varying kinds. For me this environment is also an irreplaceable source of inspiration, and it feeds my passion for creating to eternity.. Only if I could save time in a bottle..

I’m somewhere in my 40’s and have an unquenched thirst for learning new things by researching the old traditions and crafts. I enjoy watching vintage movies by Charlie Chaplin, Aflred Hitchcock etc – and musicals ofcourse… The whole vintage scene is something that never ends to fascinate me… I have a diploma in Crafts & Design (1997) and took some additional studies in 2007-2008, specializing on wool. I’ve worked as an Art Instructor for children,textile- and interior designer,Graphic designer to mention a few.  Finally in 2008 I made a long dream come true, I established Villa Ylle, focusing mainly on hand made woolen products.I got seriously exhausted with mass-produced things, and do my best to create products that are made to last… Besides running my business I also teach crafts here’n there, and the teaching is very interactive,I tend to learn a lot of new things thanks to my interrogative & curious students.

I used to live in Helsinki, but grew up with a cottage approx 100 km’s east of Helsinki, by the sea. We had a neighbor with an “old Skool” type farm, where everybody in the neighbourhood gathered & helped them out with harvesting hay, herding sheep etc. By Christmas time they had straw on the floor and I remember candle making as well. When I was 4 I witnessed slaughtering of a sheep for the first time, at the farm. I still remember it vividly, but it never left any kind of trauma, the sheep led a good life as long as they lived. I still eat lamb and enjoy sheep in all forms.

Me & Neiti Sievänen, somewhere in 1975

When I was about 5, there was a lamb rejected by it’s ewe,and it turned out that the lamb had leukemia. The lamb was named Neiti Sievänen, and got bottle fed and became very affectionate. Unfortunately Neiti Sievänen died, but I still remember her – she’s the one that led me to my crafting business! The height of the summer season was when the chicken were beheaded in order to “join” for dinner… There wasn’t much on TV in those days :-D, and still, these chicken ran around free at the farm, so they led a good life as well-as long as it lasted.

Some years ago I got tired of the city life,partly thanks to my two dogs, Bruno & Jussi (Lagotto Romagnolo). I call them my Office Assistants. The assist me with taking breaks, checking the quality of my products – so yes, quite a few of my products are animal tested.. 😉  Me and my hubby ended up giving up the city life for good, and now I enjoy living and working by the sea…

I’m just loving the people,the nature, all of it. And last but not least – the local sheep!  This closeness to nature and the creatures living here leads of course to preferring environmentally friendly choices, and I try to recycle things and cherish the earth as far as it’s possible. Both in work an private life.

I’ve enjoyed photography since I was about 10, and since the digital camera was introduced, I’ve started to miss REAL photography… I still have my photo papers, pans, 35mm cameras and my home built “cardboard box cameras”, so one day maybe… All I need is the apparatus for enlarging negatives… But until then, this blog will have mostly digital photos – unless I get the time to scan some of my work before 2003…

I guess Finland is pretty much about Santa, and gnomes and elves within superstition play an important role in our past & present lives. They say that he (Santa) lives in Lapland, but seriously I think he’s much closer than we can imagine… Some things just aren’t visible to all of us -unless we really take the time to stop and look… It’s about dreams and looking in to your heart… Unfortunately many of us lead the busy city lives and are too busy being busy that we just don’t see the little things that matter…Trolls and gnomes – you’ll see them if you take the time and look well enough, you might even see a troll, gnome or two… They can also be disguised as ordinary looking people! 😉

Can You spot the gnome?


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