As The Leaves Turn…The last day of indian summer

Autumn foilage it is, as it’s best.  A beautiful explosion of colours, and I’m annoyed every time I go outside & forget to bring the camera…
I want to collect all the leaves, acorns e.t.c. and make something of them, as if I could stop time by just collecting and looking at them, but no, it doesn’t work that way… So I stick to taking pictures instead. They provide me with a great deal of inspiration for my products.

My favourite scenery

The turning of the leaves means that my Studio outdoors isn’t really available anymore…  Today, Friday, Sept 30th we had +20Celcius degrees, something quite unusual. It was the most beautiful day ever, including the sunset that turned everything purple…

I managed to take some photos of my products

A photo session in the magnificent weather

& finish another work project of mine, a felted bag

Felted bag, "Forget Me Not"

Since Autumn is here, it means that my teaching job has started again, I teach mostly felting, but also embroidery and candle making (up ahead). One of the places I work at used to be a school until the 1950’s, the cutest little cottage in a very bucolic environment!

Not a bad place to work at!

Selma, the last known teacher

For now I’ll just have to get used to the indoors when it comes to making my creations and enjoy candle light and the crackling fire place…Not a too bad option either! And once in awhile I’ll just enjoy the stormy weathers, they make me feel so – ALIVE!

Workwise I still have some custom ordered things to produce, once I’m done with them I shall dig in to the Christmassy items…

Those of you living in or visiting Helsinki in the near future, I recommend to go and see Per-Olov Jansson’s exhibition at Hanasaari until Oct 9,2011,  “Arkipelag”, photos from the area of my studio, the archipleago of Pellinge. By the way, he’s the brother of  Tove Jansson, and the Gallery is named after her…
I will try and make it to the exhibition too, I really,really want to see it…