Ystad- In Kurt Wallander’s footsteps

Kurt Wallander’s beach house in Svarte, Sweden

In May a group of people in our area gathered and left for an educational journey to Ystad. The Main theme for the trip was ofcourse the famous character from Henning Mankell’s books, Kurt Wallander, but at the same time we were about to learn how an area can profit and thrive from something like a book character as well. Of course Ystad has had tourists who’ve been a little confused and dropped by the local police station in order to meet him, forgetting that he is only a fictional figure. How well haven’t the books & movies been made then if he seems so real?

The area around Ystad was to die for, despite a rather cold and extremely windy weather.  But once we saw all the perfect gardens, the beach, “Ale stenar”

Ale Stenar, Kåseberga, Sweden. There’s something magical about this (extremely windy) place…

(ancient rocks) , the beautiful windmills, one forgot quickly how cold it was.

windmill park between Denmark & Sweden (Copenhagen-Malmö, from the Öresundsbridge)

The programme during the 4 day trip was intense – I think it was a two week trip crammed in to these few days-we had no time to waste-and if there was any time of our own, it was one morning, approx 2 hrs before our bus took off on our daily educational journey. I ended up renting a bicycle from the hotel (where parts of one of the Wallander movies had been made as well). I pedaled around like crazy, checked out shops I was interrested in, took photos and collected some treasures from the local beach. Oh, and I managed to squeese in a visit to the local flea market as well. We made many visits to local entreprenours, gardens, farms, crafters and other worth-while to visit places…. We also visited Cineteket/Ystad studios and got to see some of the sets for Kurt Wallander and some other movies made there.

Angry Bird a.k.a. felted goose trophy at one flea market. Must’ve been a fierce one to catch!

Once we got home I was happy but on the verge of a burn out… ;o)

As I look through the photos I seriously feel a longing of going there again, such a contrast to our archipelago, but still the closeness to the sea and old ports leading to other mystical places… Definitely a worth while place to visit! Down below a slideshow, the pictures will speak for themselves…
I found so many things to take photos of that I just might post them later to my flickr account… And HERE they are..

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