It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… & Pom Pom Tutorial for rainy days!

Planning of the upcoming event Saaristojoulu-Skärgårdsjul (Archipelago Christmas) is at large and I even went shopping for Christmas props (for my use) – only to come back home empty handed… You might not agree with me, when I say that they’re putting out the Christmas decorations in the shops way too late…  :-DD  But when Christmas is a part of your work it ought to start so much earlier… I have some candle making classes coming up and need to stock up with candle making materials very soon…

Hand made candles coming soon...

It means also that I have on my agenda making my own Christmassy candles for the Christmas market… Plenty of work, up ahead, the floors need to be covered (protected), making space for all the candles to cool etc… Messy but  a lot of fun too!

The weather has still been astoundingly beautiful, and every day I just stand with my mouth open admiring all the incredible colours the nature can produce…

Green House..?

The hunting season is going on, which means that it’s quite an cheap life insurance to wear something red or even better: NEON!

Bruno Posing with "The Hunters Beanie"

I discovered a yarn so bright and inspiring I just had to get it… Neon Pink & Orange is the new Black! ;-D My sweet Office Assistant Bruno helped posing with my prototype, with the mighty power of rice crackers… Otherwise these office assistants ofmine are way too busy to wear any hats, and they would if nnot bribed with treats, end up tearnig them apart… They have little orange vests on our forest walks instead, so they don’t get mistaken for the hunters prey if they get lost…

Once in a while I check out different crafting stores & recently I’ve been overwhelmed (in a non-positive way) by the increasing amount of plastic paraphernalia avalaible for making anything possible and impossible! It sort of makes me sick, thinking of the amount of plastic items surrounding us, that at some point end up in the garbage, and it’s not biodegradable… It’s not only the paraphernalias, it’s also the packaging that annoy me. Plastic only… To my surprise I notice that they even sell paraphernalia’s for making Pom Poms (as seen on Bruno’s beanie) – when all you need is two circular pieces of cardboard (cut from a cereal box or similar, just check out the kitchen!) with a larger hole in the middle, a darning needle and some yarn… So, here’s a little D.I.Y. for those rainy and stormy days: Pom Pom Tutorial by Anjie’s blog with some Halloween ideas as well. If many pom poms are stringed together you get quite an eyecatcher for a scarf..!
My  free picture tutorial enclosed – ENJOY & have fun!

Pom Pom Turorial


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